What We Do

At User Fusion our mission is a simple one: we want to help your business succeed online by providing a great User Experience for your customers.

With nearly 20 years combined experience in all things Internet we have carefully selected the best people, processes and tools to ensure that with our help you will hit your online goals whilst giving your customers the best possible experience.

Most of the time we're building content managed multilingual websites, but we've worked on all sorts of projects from web applications, online stores and email newsletters, right through to brand management and helping companies identify their online strategy.

Our clients like working with us because we're fanatical about quality, and deliver web sites that are really easy to use, accessible by everyone and just work like they should.

Venn diagram of User Fusion awesomeness!!

The Team

In order to make your project a success we enlist the help of some of the brightest minds in design, marketing and business development to create the right team for the job. We're lucky to know a range of highly experienced freelancers and independent consultants who are as fanatical about quality as we are (...almost!). You can see a bit more about our core team below - we're the people who keep the wheels turning on every project and love every minute of it.

Neil Williams

Managing Director | Developer

Andrew Jones

Director | Front-end Developer

Jo Hollowood

Graphic Design Partner

User Fusion Manifesto

Easier to Use Is, Well, Just Easier to Use (and Your Customers Love Easy!)

People are inherently lazy creatures (yes even us sometimes!), in todays fast paced world its more important than ever to make things easy for your customers. Making things quick and easy = happy customers, and happy customers are customers for life, which makes good business sense.

If It Ain't Broke, Test It Anyway

More often than not, website owners are the last people to know when there is a problem that stops their customers from succeeding. Just because you aren't aware of any problems doesn't mean that they don't exist. This also rings true for us designers and developers.

We believe in taking a simple 4 step iterative approach to everything we do: Plan it, Build it, Test It, Improve It.

Never Stop Learning

Learning is good for the mind and the soul, by continuously improving ourselves through new knowledge and experiences its expands our horizons, sharpens our minds and keeps our workforce happy. Keeping our team happy, bright and focused ensures that we can keep applying our passion and ingenuity to solve your business problems now and in the future.

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