All of our custom websites (and most of our sites in general) come complete with a website service agreement. This ongoing service ensures that we are always there to look after you and your website whenever you need us.

  • Daily Remote Backups of Your Website

    In case you ever have a major issue with your website we can quickly restore it to how it was yesterday.

  • Technical Support

    If you spot an issue with your site or can’t remember how to do something you can just email us and we will always be there to help.

  • Security Updates and Maintenance

    We will install critical updates to your website’s software as needed, and general updates regularly to ensure your site is secure and up to date.

  • Minor Updates and Tweaks

    We can complete minor tweaks, updates and improvements that take an hour or less to your website.

Each website service agreement is tailored to your exact needs and is normally based on a set time allowance every month. For as little as £50 per month paid by direct debit we can offer a professional support service to suit most budgets.

Website Service Agreements are only available for website we have built for you, If you are a User Fusion customer and want to find out more, please complete the form below or call 01639 895 677.