Centre for Sport and Human Rights

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Project Overview:

‚ÄčThe Institute for Human Rights and Business approached us and asked if we could deliver a website for their partner agency Centre for Sport and Human Rights.

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights advises and ensures that when a mega sporting events is being hosted in a country (e.g. World Cup, Olympics) that the human rights of workers are being upheld by the government and any other bodies involved. The centres main aims are:

  • Support the prevention of human rights harms from occurring through sport
  • Support access to effective remedy where harms have occurred
  • Promote a positive human rights legacy from sport and sporting events

The website lists events, news and resources which are listed by category and also has multi language features.

The main show piece page of this website is the MSE lifecycle page which includes animated diagrams and descriptions of each phase of a Mega Sporting Event lifecycle.

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